Heart will find its way

A collection of hope, in search of new wings to fly to the moon

The story of the pig and the snake

Once upon a time there was an abandoned snake, hurt and untrusting of anyone around her.

One day a pig pass by and decided to pick up the snake home, gave her a warm home and took good care of her.

Days, weeks and months pass as the snake gain strength. She started to care for the pig, as he does.

Then one day the snake bit the pig, the pig was hurt and asked “why, I’ve gave you home and love.” The snake replied, “how dare you, I will not change myself and count yourself lucky that my poison didn’t kill you. I will not change who myself is, this is my nature.”

The pig, even though hurt continued to care for the snake. Continued to provide her love. Continued to gave her warmth. Continued…until the day his heart gave up.

The pig’s heart gave up not because of the multiple bites of venom from the snake, not from the daily “words” she dropped in without feeling and not for any other reasons than his heart simply was broken.

As age pass by the snake moved on, the house became empty and the pig was simply forgotten with time.

Thus a story simply forgotten about sacrifice. About simple love.

Remember, it’s not the raw poison that kills. It’s the small quantity in our daily lives that build up.

Your loved one is a reflection of yourself.


Our soul, our blood, our tear and heart


Our soul, our blood, our tear and heart

Even if your friend or special someone doesn’t treat you the same way just know you have done up and beyond. Treasure those times together put in a box and stow it away.